Meet Marcin

Foto Marcin
Head of International Business Development
“Gathering information about a new market is like travelling to this place. I love to travel, I like my job” 
  • What did you do before myDriver?


    I completed my Masters Studies at Gdansk University of Technology in Poland at the Faculty of International Management, together with one exchange semester in Viana do Castelo, Portugal. My professional career started at Marshall Office of the Pomeranian Region of Poland. I gained knowledge which helped me afterwards win a nationwide competition to use EU funds for the development of the region. I have been also involved in some volunteer EU projects such as a Polish Team Leader in Armenia and Romania as well as taking part in IT projects during big sports events in my home region.

  • What are your responsibilities at myDriver?

    As a business development manager in a very dynamic company, the scope of my responsibilities is wide as well as is changing from month to month. However my main tasks include preparation of the international rollout for the future expansion of the service, coordination of the Market Manager’s workflow, preparation proposals for pricing, sales and marketing strategies. All of these responsibilities ensure every day is different, and the job itself is creative and interesting.

  • Why myDriver?

    The company represents a combination of some of the best structures, processes and values from our successful corporate investor, Sixt, and dynamic, modern and innovative approaches Startups are known for. A mix of both results in a dynamic market penetration and development all while keeping a healthy working atmosphere at the same time. It was important to me to have an opportunity to express my ideas, discuss them with other professionals and the most importantly see the results of my work in the final product.